• Design, develop, deploy and maintain software platforms that leverage mobile technologies.
  • Work in a collaborative, transparent, non-hierarchal environment where the best idea wins regardless of job titles.
  • Think through hard problems, and work with other teams to bring products to life.
  • Learn something new everyday.

Technologies and tools we use:

  • Collaboration: Slack, Github, Trello, JIRA
  • Android: Android Studio, Gradle, Java, Kotlin
  • iOS: Xcode, Swift 3, Objective-C
  • Backend: Node.js, Docker, JSON
  • Automation: CircleCI, Fastlane


  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, or related area.
  • Expertise in native mobile languages like Swift, Objective-C and/or Java.
  • Good understanding of design patterns and architectures.
  • Fluency in the coding best practices of one or more app development platforms.
  • Working proficiency and communication skills in verbal and written English is a plus.

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À propos de: Hiddenfounders

We founded Hidden Founders back in 2013, when we reflected on how the startup hype was reshaping entrepreneurial landscapes everywhere, and on how we wanted to be part of this momentum. We started out first as a development agency specializing in MVP development, but pivoted quickly to offer a model that fit our target better.

Hidden Founders meets the Market

We started our activity with a market discovery tour in Europe, where we met founders, co-working space managers, investors, and all other sorts of players in startup industry. The first-time founders we met with were almost all having trouble with the build phase. They had gathered reliable market data, and had a small amount of funding available to start building their product.

Hidden Founders model: The Quest for the Really-cheap-but-also-really-good.